5 Ways To Grow Your Network Marketing Group

Tuesday, July 18, 2023

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5 Ways To Grow Your Network Marketing Group


When it comes to creating a captivated audience for your network marketing business, my work wifey, Marisa Alvarez, had some amazing advice for our Grow Your Group Summit that is being held this year!  😁

I'm doing this summit because I was just DONE watching people create and close groups over and over again…trying to get the formula right.

There’s SO much noise in the online space that one of the best ways to make sure you have people’s attention is to get them into a targeted group so you:

  • Bring your Facebook™ group back to life
  • Have leads automatically want to join
  • Have members wanting to share your group and invite others

Because once they’re in there,

you have a group of highly targeted people who are open to hearing more about you, your business, and your products.


This is NOT to say that you should be selling all the time in that group. That’s how you push people right out the door. ❌

There’s a better, more profitable way to make groups work for your network marketing business.

And I’m going to turn it over to Marisa now so she can explain it all!

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5 Ways To Grow Your Group (And Your Sales) For Your Network Marketing Business

1. Set the Tone  🗣️

Set the tone of your group by focusing on your niche, your personality, and your purpose.

If you don’t know what your niche is, we have tools that can help you figure that out.

But, by keeping your group tight within your niche, only the people who are magnetically drawn to you and your group.

2. Name Your Group & Tribe  

Names like “Weight Loss Support Group” don’t excite people and will prompt them to keep scrolling. You need to be excited and exciting about your group - bring your personality to the name of your group so that people FEEL something when they read it!

Then, when it comes to naming your tribe, you get to create a feeling of connectedness, of being mission-driven together. And when people feel connected, they are more invested.

Inside our community, we call ourselves “Heelers”, a group-generated name that people love and use often!

Speaking of which…you can name your tribe yourself…or you can let them name themselves.

3. Define Your Mission💪

Creating a mission for your group helps you work toward your goal of participation, targeting the right people, and creating content around that mission.  😎

So ask yourself these questions:
a) Why did you create your group?
b) What will people use it for?
c) What value do you want people to get from it?

4. Define Your Group Visually

By visually branding your group, you create a sense of cohesion throughout your business and it will give you an EDGE when your visuals are exciting and vibrant like the group you want to attract your right people to.

Using Canva, you can create your group cover photo, complete with brand colors, fonts, and a logo…and! As a pro tip, you can put your “First Steps” directions on your cover so that it is literally the FIRST thing people see.

5. Recognition

People like to be recognized. 🎖

They want to know people see them. By using your group data, you can see who your top contributors are

and recognize them publicly within the group or even send them a small trinket as a thank you.

You could do a photo in Canva and share that post with the group saying, “We see you!” Or “We appreciate you!”

Just something to let them know that they are awesome! 🤩

You can also create challenges, etc to give them more opportunities to participate and recognize those who complete them, excel at them, and achieve goals with them.

The more focused and mission-driven your group is, the more people are going to be involved in it.

The more focused and mission-driven your group is, the more people are going to be involved in it. And the more they are involved, the more they’re willing to share your group with others, as well as buy from you!

Marisa Hernandez is a marketing and brand powerhouse and has been a part of the Moms and Heels™ brand since 2018. Besides being widely known as Marina’s Work Wifey, she’s also the master behind the branding of over 100 network marketers inside the Network Marketing On Demand program and continues to SLAY!

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