How to Run Successful Power Hours In Your Network Marketing Business

Friday, May 12, 2023

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How to Run Successful Power Hours In Your Network Marketing Business


Let’s talk about Power Hours, shall we, Boo?? 

I see a LOT of leaders running them ALL WRONG.

And I want you to learn how to do them RIGHT so that you actually experience DUPLICATION of sales AND recruits in your network marketing business!

Because when done the way I see them being done, people actually run AWAY from their organizations.

When they are micromanaged and bossed around, their confidence plummets and they just give up.

You don’t want to run strict Power Hours like a Drill Sergeant who is overly critical and demanding.

People volunteer to be a part of your team and your Power Hour, they did not volunteer to go to work for another manager…in fact, they may have joined your organization to get AWAY from being managed!

So, if you’re ready to do these things right? Your team and your network marketing business will become unstoppable, Boo!


Let Go Of Expectations

Make sure you’re not running 4 or 5 Power Hours in a day, all on your own, and micromanaging the volunteers who decide to work on their businesses with you.

Let people who want to run them, run them. Me and my team have 4-5 per day and I have only committed to running one, while other leaders (and by leaders, I mean, anyone who WANTS to), can volunteer to run them, as well. This has nothing to do with rank.

Likewise, I also break up my Power Hour into 15-minute increments and I have a DMO for each one. Sometimes, we’ll be in Follow-Up Mode. Others we may be in 333 Mode. Or we may be in ATM mode.

And if you need any training on any of these things, you can grab my whole setup for a successful Power Hour…including my boards, scripts, DMOs, etc - it’s usually $97, but you can grab it for only $7 right now).

The idea is that everyone is always taking action during your Power Hours.

When my day is coming up, I’ll send out a text, an email, and post it in our group chat to let them know what we’ll be working on and give them the Zoom link so that whoever wants to join us can and they can party with us. Yes, I turn on music and we set our timers and it’s a good time!

The result?? DUPLICATION of sales and recruits because we’re all focused and we’re all enjoying what we do!

The KEY To Successful Network Marketing Power Hours

The KEY to these Power Hours is that ACTION is being taken (and if you grab that pack above, you can focus on exactly that, Boo! NO BRAINER!).

These Power Hours are not time for training…especially advanced training.

If you get in there and spend time doing things OTHER than taking action, you risk sending your Power Hour attendees into an information constipation state and NOTHING will get done.

Duplication Of Sales And Recruits

When you are able to let go of your own expectations, let people show up how they want to show up in their businesses, and make Power Hours action-oriented, you drive results.

And those results will keep people coming back to your Power Hours and keep your business moving forward.



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