3-Steps To Turn Your Mess Into a Message That Builds Community

Thursday, May 18, 2023

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3-Steps To Turn Your Mess Into a Message
That Builds Community


I was sitting in my cubicle, flanked by two monitors…my boss behind my chair, looking over my shoulder as we worked late on a spreadsheet that HAD to be done.

And I get a call.

“Anaiya just walked.”

My heart shattered into a million pieces. While my baby took her first steps, I was chained to a cubicle and missed it.

I couldn’t believe it.

I felt like such a failure as a mom.

Looking back, going from the girl who used to dance on tables and hang out with gang members who sold drugs to being the mom who missed important milestones in her child’s life, I can see that was just a messy moment in my story.

If you had told me 10 years ago that I would now be reaching over a million humans every month, I would have thought you were full of it.

But I do.

And I can because I turned my mess…into my message.

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Your Story Is NOT Too Messy

Lots of women I talk to think their stories are too messy and no one will listen to them. But, let me tell you, Boo…

Your story?

Your mess?

And that community is looking for people like you to have meaningful conversations with.

So your MESS? Actually…

Builds your brand

ANOTHER reason why you need to be able to turn your mess into your message: 88% of customers say they’d rather buy from brands they trust.

46% of those 88%? They say they’ll pay MORE for products from brands they trust.

In Your Message

The idea of turning your mess into your message is POWERFUL.

It will…
Strengthen your relationships with prospects.
Strengthen your relationships with people on your team.
Strengthen relationships with people you don’t even know yet.

And that?


Creating Connection

If you really want to create connection on social media, then you need to find your niche. You need to find YOUR people. The people who look, act, and think like you.

That means you will have more than one niche. But for the sake of simplicity AND SUCCESS, we’re going to choose only one to work at a time.

Once you’ve gotten it right for that one, then you can add the others. Mkay, Boo??

So Who Is In YOUR Niche?
You can think of groups like:

  • ​Single moms who are struggling
  • ​Moms who are struggling with menopause
  • ​Stay-at-home dads
  • ​Women who work a 9-5 and don’t want to
  • ​Women over 40 who struggle with menopause


The list goes on and on! Who is in YOUR group?

Be Relatable

I always like to think about relatability when I create my content for social media or the stage or wherever because relatability triggers emotion and emotion creates connection.

For example, if your niche is working moms, then you want to think about things those women might be talking about like needing help at home or asking for help being weak. What are they talking about that you can relate to?

Connect there.

Remember though, you only want to speak to someone who is one day behind you. You don’t want to talk to the you that you were 10 years ago. Or you’ll attract who you were then.

Laugh, Love, & Learn

Something else I always think when I create content or a talk or anything is about how I can make my audience laugh, love, and learn.

And I have a whole formula to help me come up with that

And in the formula above, you can do it for all the topics we face as working moms:


Or whatever that’s going to relate to working mom life and your niche.

When you do this exercise, when you pull out the things we love, we dislike, we wish, we are grateful for when it comes to our working mom life and our families, you’re going to find the GOLD that you need to be talking about.


You’ve done it! You’ve gathered all the “data”, now? You get to start USING it!

Start incorporating these thoughts, emotions, and parts of your messy stories into your presentations, into your content, into your Stories™, into your Reels™.


They attract community. They attract HUMANS.

Because you can stand up and spit out statistics. You can spit out what you’ve learned online. You can spit out what you’ve memorized from your company. But if you use your messy story to make people FEEL? You’ll attract SUPERFANS, Boo.

And superfans go out find other superfans for you and build community. No matter how messy your story is.



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