3 Wealth-Building Strategies For Busy, Working Moms

Thursday, May 18, 2023

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3 Wealth-Building Strategies For Busy, Working Moms


We all know that things are shifting, economically.

But, I want you to know there are alternatives to the doom and gloom you see on the news.

Let me introduce Justin Prince, my social retail mentor.

He’s laid down some really FABULOUS information on building REAL WEALTH as a busy mom (even in tough times) that I am living by and it’s so valuable that I wanted to share it with you.

Justin has built 5 multi-million dollar businesses, spoken in 20+ countries, has 4+ million customers, generated 2+ billion in sales, and paid out 1+ billion in commissions.

(I know I pinch myself everyday that I sit in rooms with humans like this that force me to level up every single day)

When I first met Justin, he was never interested in my rank or how much money I was making.

He was only interested in why I wanted to make money at all and what that would mean to my family.

He’s always leading by example, with kindness and respect for everyone, and he’s always the first one there and the last one to leave.

These are just a few reasons why I’m honored to share this training and information with busy, working moms like you who are READY for wealth and what it means to your family!

Now...let’s dig into 3 Wealth-Building Strategies that you want to adopt ASAP as a busy working mom ;)

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Step 1: Maximize Income

This feels like a no-brainer, right?

I mean, make more so you can KEEP more, can I get a yes or a yes?

But making an hourly wage can feel like it’s impossible to make more money...or even keep more when our expenses seem to go up as our paychecks do. AmIrite??

I’m here to tell you, though, it can be done.

You CAN increase your income, whether it’s through investing or starting a business, you’re not stuck to one place and can only earn from that one stream of income.

Will it take time and dedication?


But once you get started, it DOES get easier.

Step 2: Minimize Debt

To minimize your debt you’re going to want to do two things.

1) Let go of all unnecessary spending (Don’t worry, it’ll only hurt for a little while!)
2) Get rid of your credit card debt

When you commit to step 1 of this debt minimization process, you’re going to sit down and see everywhere you’re paying money out each month and drop anything that is not essential.

That gym membership you’re not using?


Those 45 different TV subscriptions?

Dwindled down to ONE.

$200 in Starbucks each month?

Reduced to $25 because you can make it at home.

You get the idea.

Think about what you absolutely have to have to live and get rid of the rest.

While you’re scratching all that off, tally it up. Because you’re going to take that money and put it all toward your credit card debt.

Snowball Your Debt

Dave Ramsey, the creator of the Debt Snowball, says to take that money that you’ve already been spending to what you’re already paying toward your highest interest credit card, so you can pay it off faster.

You’re going to keep paying the minimum payment to any and all other credit cards.

Once that highest interest card is paid off, you’re going to then take the payments you were already making to that card and make it AND the minimum payment to your next highest interest rate card.

See how that works??

That’s how you Snowball your debt and get it paid off faster.

Step 3: Build Assets

Justin explains that the rich don’t use their income to pay for expenses.

They build assets and let the assets pay for their expenses.

And an asset is anything that makes you money.

So, it could be real estate or an online business.

But the idea is that you take 10% of your income and pay yourself and keep compounding that payment to build wealth, while at the same time you are building assets that can take care of your expenses so that 10% is all savings.

Justin explains the Rule of 72 and how you can start out saving as little as $1000 every month in the first year, but then end up making as much as $1.2M, just in one year, alone by year 20, if you just keep compounding that savings and interest.

He explains it all like a champ in the video below.

Justin has been an invaluable social retail mentor for me, so I hope you take what he’s taught us and you turn that into cash in your pocket...even during difficult times.

If you want to start making money FAST so you can begin building REAL WEALTH and interested in working with myself and Justin Prince to learn about Social Retail Simply text the word Info to 561-437-6807 (United states and Canada)

If you are outside the U.S we still have opportunity for you! We can build this social retail business in over 30 countries! Simply shoot an email to marina@momsandheels.com with the subject line INFO on Social Retail.

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