A Network Marketing Business Hack For Selling MORE Products

Tuesday, August 29, 2023

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A Network Marketing Business Hack For Selling MORE Products


I put this Dreaming In Blush by Kylie Jenner lipstick on, first thing this am, and it never cracked ONCE today and it’s 5 pm!

I have looked everywhere for a lipstick like this because I got SO tired of having to reapply every hour AND it continually clumped up in the crevices of my lips making it look ew! You know that look?? Ugh! It’s the worst!

So I am LITERALLY fangirling over here over this Kylie Jenner creation!

And when I told my friend, Marissa, about it, she went picked up Plum Magic and TOTALLY fell in love with it, too, because she’d FINALLY found a lipstick that didn’t keep ending up on her teeth when she wears it!

I gotta tell you, this is one of the best finds in lipstick that I’ve come across in ages!


Press Play to Watch ⬇️

What Did You Just Witness, Network Marketer??

Did you see me putting on this lipstick, in your mind when I said, “I put this lipstick on, first thing this am…”?

Did you see it staying on my lips just as fresh as when I put it on, when I said, “It never cracked ONCE…”?

Did you see Marissa’s teeth being FREE of lipstick when I said, “...it kept her teeth clean of the radiant shade of plum she picked up…”?

Do you see what I’m doing in every one of those places?

I’m using a story to get your mind engaged in the product. THAT’S how you sell on social media.

You don’t say, “This lipstick is UMAYZING!! You have to try it! It’s only $4.99!” And expect people to want to buy it. There’s no PULL. No emotion. No engagement on the mental level.

See what I mean?

Curiosity Posts Are Great In Network Marketing BUT…

I mean, it’s great to use curiosity posts to get people to think about your product once in a while. But you also need to be able to TALK about your network marketing post in ways that get them to do more than think.

They need to FEEL.

And you can do that the same way I did it for you, above!

It’s All In The Imagination

When you tell stories…good stories, not spammy stories…you get the reader so involved that their minds become a PART of what you’re saying. They are busy trying to paint the picture in their heads so they can “see” it happening in front of them.

So you want to use words, phrases, actions, events, and details that make them forget that you’re talking about a product you want them to buy!

Practice Practice Practice!

Here’s the thing, Boo…

You just watched me build a story around a product (that I don’t sell, by the way, mkay!?) and you saw me compare it to what 98% of network marketers do.

You witnessed the difference between, “Buy my product!” and “There was this one time at bandcamp…” storytelling.

And now? You can take what you’ve learned here and practice, practice, practice your new craft.


Because the better you get at storytelling, Boo Boo? The better your sales get.

In fact, you will get to a point where you don’t even really NEED to “sell” as much anymore because your stories will be doing the selling FOR you.

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But it takes practice.

So, start practicing telling stories with products you don’t even sell. Because if you can tell THOSE stories well, imagine what you’ll be able to do with the products you DO sell and know super well!


No more being a spammy butthole! Pinky Promise??

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