A Simple Strategy To Get A Network Marketing Lead Every Single Day From Reels

Monday, May 15, 2023

Sip & Slay Marketing/A Simple Strategy To Get A Network Marketing Lead Every Single Day From Reels

A Simple Strategy To Get A Network Marketing Lead Every Single Day From Reels


All over the place you see people screaming about niche and brand, etc. But you know
what, Heeler?
We’re network marketers. 🫶

We are not selling courses and coaching and consulting.
It’s just not the same for us.

That said, I want you to STOP OVERTHINKING when it comes to your social media…as a
network marketer! 🤯
Social media is a PHENOMENAL source of leads for us…IF we USE it right.

But most sit there, paralyzed by all the hype and don’t know what to post because they think
they have to do it the way course creators or coaches do it.
That’s SO wrong.

So I’m going to keep it 💯 with you right now, Heeler.

I don’t get all tangled up in whether or not something I post is “niche” enough or “on-brand”.

I don’t have TIME for that. YOU don’t have time for that!
As a network marketer, you need to be TALKING to people.

And here’s how you’re going to STOP overthinking and START creating conversations…

Step One: Think About YOURSELF, Network Marketer!

What makes you LAUGH? 😆
What do you LOVE? ❤️
What can you LEARN? 📖
What do you HATE? 😡

If you think about those things FIRST, creating your Reels™ are going to become SO easy.
Let me show you in action:

I love when moms are making fun of their toddlers. Because my toddler drives me nuts LOL
And it makes me laugh.

So, when I opened Reels™ and saw someone making fun of her toddler to Rihanna’s clip
from the Super Bowl, I thought…
“Oh! I’m going to do the same thing!”

It doesn’t matter that I’m copying her. That’s what people DO with Reels™!

So I did it.

Press Play to Watch  ⬇️

You're going to learn:
✅ How to be a Magnet 🧲 Money Maker
​✅ How to Attract More Followers that actually WANT to join you and/or buy from you
✅ How To ​Sell More of Your Products through Stories
✅ How To ​Build Brand Authority you've been craving to have as a Micro Influencer


I reached out to every single person that liked or commented on that Reel™ and asked them
a question about their kid.

Now, when it comes to the “hate” part, look for something controversial (e.g. kids and screen
time) and be polarizing.

Stop thinking about your product as a network marketer and think about how you can make

somebody Laugh, Love, Learn…or Hate…as a person.

Here’s your assignment:

1. Find a Reel™ that made you laugh.
2. Recreate it.
3. Publish it everywhere.
4. And then reach out to every single person that liked or commented on it and ask
them a question about them.

That’s it. That’s how you’re going to get at least ONE network marketing lead today.

Stop Thinking About Selling Your Product

As network marketers, we’re always thinking about buying and selling. But the average
person? They’re coming to social media to escape their lives.

So, if you’re just pushing your goods, how is that helping them? Do you think they’re going to
stick around??
Give them something they are going to laugh at, learn from, love, or hate to take their minds
off where they are and what they struggle with.

When you pull them out of that space and entertain them, you create an emotional
connection with them.

Learn how to get consistent with this process and do it for 90 days. You will be SHOCKED at
your audience growth as a network marketer. SHOCKED.
Come back and let me know how amazed you are when you see it in action!


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