Network Marketing Niche & Community: The Duo That Leads To Sales

Monday, May 15, 2023

Sip & Slay Marketing/Network Marketing Niche & Community: The Duo That Leads To Sales

Network Marketing Niche & Community:
The Duo That Leads To Sales


Listen, Boo.
You need to know your niche. Period.

Without a niche, you will struggle to find the success you want.
Because when you have a niche and you add influence, you can create community.
And let me tell you…a community can poop out networks for you, can poop out
money for you.

Community is where the money is at. Not the niche, alone.
You have to have them both.
If you are marketing without a niche or without influence, that’s why you’re not
finding success.

You’re trying to just market to your mom, your dad and your sister.

But guess what, Boo?
They are not going to support your business. Strangers will.
Mindblowing, isn’t it??


Niche For Network Marketing

Now, when we talk about niche, we are talking about the people you can influence.
I know some people freak out when they hear the word influence because they
think if they’re not an “expert”, they can’t have influence.

But being an expert does not mean you have influence.
If I came up and gave you a bunch of facts about what a niche was and told you to
figure it out for yourself, that does not give me influence over you.

Anyone can read Google and spit out percentages and statistics.
Experience is what gives people real influence.
And only people who have gone through and grown through things can have the
experience that creates emotional connection…and that’s what creates influence.

Niche for Network Marketing Is Different

Niche for network Marketers is not like selling any product to any person.
Two problems that most network marketers have are

1) They think everyone is their niche
2) They want to help everyone

But they can’t help everyone.
If they could, the world would be all kumbaya. It ain’t happenin’.

Accept it.
Embrace it.
Be OKAY with repelling people to find your niche.

I repelled people when I sent them the email about this live.
I repel people when I drop F-bombs. Even if I don’t do it a lot.

It doesn’t hurt my feelings if people are repelled
because I’m looking for MY community
…where I can share my experiences and build influence.

And your community doesn’t have to be bazillions of people to make bazillions of
dollars, either

Change Your Thinking As a Network Marketer

I remember when I first started in this industry, I flew to my first event and as I sat
there, the Master Distributor said, “Every single person that has skin needs what we

All I could see was dollar signs when he said that.

Totally not true, by the way.

And if you’re being taught that, it’s time to unlearn it. Someone having skin is not the
same as them expressing to you that they want or need what you have to offer.

We need to take YOU out of the equation and replace that “me me me” mindset with
a servant mindset so you can actually attract the right niche for your business.

No more HUNTING your prey to buy products from you. I want you to stop looking
and sounding so desperate at the end of every month when people can SMELL your
commission breath.

In Other Words…
Let’s change up some words so you can understand what I’m talking about:

You want to be a magnet to people that have problems that can be solved with the stories you tell from your experience.

They don’t have to be physical problems like weight or hair loss that you use your
influence to solve. They can be mental, emotional, or spiritual ways.

It doesn’t have to be “Oh, I lost 5000lbs, you can, too.” That’s not inspiring at all when
you just stand up and say it that way. Those are facts and you’re leaving out ALL of
the emotional connection.

It was HARD to lose that weight. So don’t just stand up and tell them you did it. Talk
about your struggles. Talk about what you gained by overcoming your struggles

Let me give you the formula for all of this so you can literally go out there and SLAY

Gained                                               Overcame
Physical                                                 Physical
Mental                                                      Mental
Emotional                                            Emotional
Spiritual                                              Spiritual

If we put this in WORDS that attract your NICHE…it might be…
Now I can do THIS because of THIS.

I never thought I could do this and now I can because of PRODUCT.
In my relationships, this changed
Physically, this changed.

Emotionally, this changed.
See how you can apply that chart to the content you create?

NOW, Heeler…

You can now find your niche FASTER
because you have the right language.

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