The Number One Reason People Keep Quitting Your Network Marketing Team

Friday, May 19, 2023

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The Number One Reason People Keep Quitting Your Network Marketing Team


For the longest time, I thought I had the coolest network marketing team in the industry to be on, but for some reason, people kept quitting and I just didn’t understand why. 

I thought, “What am I doing wrong???”

I didn’t get that I didn’t have a culture that people were attracted to.

Once I realized that and made some much needed changes? I stopped losing team members.

So, I want to teach you how YOU can finally stop losing members of your network marketing team so you can build the business you truly want.

First, let’s just say that the number one reason people keep quitting network marketing teams or direct sales teams, in general, is that they’ve been sold a dream.

“Come join my team! It’s SO easy! And you’ll make millions by doing literally nothing!”

We all know that there’s no making a bazillion dollars in network marketing without working for it.

In fact, in my first two years, I made zero dollars and spent more than I made.

Maybe you can relate?

So that’s the first thing. Stop making those promises.

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Got Crickets?

Maybe you can relate to this, too:

You enroll somebody on your team and they’re PUMPED!

You’re excited, too! Because you can FEEL they are going to do great!


What did you do wrong?

Maybe nothing. Some people just change their minds.

But what I’ve found is that many times, people get excited and hand their enrollees

They get overwhelmed.

Then, they shut down.

And then they shut you out.

Do you actually know WHY they wanted to do the business?
Do you know how much money they want to make and what they would do with that money?

Create Emotional Bonds With Your Network Marketing Team

Knowing the WHY behind why they’re there is going to help them create an emotional bond with you.

When you are able to do that, you are able to better connect with on a deeper level, keep them inspired, and pull them forward.

I know so many people who DRIVE their teams and have no idea what their WHY is. For me? Some of my best friends are the people on my team because I took the time to make that emotional connection and BOND with them over their WHY.

I want to challenge you to find out why the people on your team said yes to network marketing.

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One of my favorite questions to ask whenever I’m working with a client or with someone in Network Marketing On Demand, or even when I’m working with someone on my personal network marketing team is, “Why did you say yes to network marketing?”

…Because if I know that, I can encourage them when they get the rejection, when they feel like it’s too hard for them.

Now, I used to think that was a load of crap, but what I’ve found is that it helps them keep going so they actually DO get to see their goals come to fruition.


Money Motivates…But Only So Far

Reason #2 people are probably quitting your network marketing team: No vision beyond making money.

For me, as a leader, I love to share my vision of what I see for the future of our team, the impact we’re going to make.

Impact and Profit

This is not just about making money.

I want to ask you…what is the impact that you are sharing with your team? What is the vision of what’s more than money? Because money motivates until it doesn’t.

By that, I mean, what’s going to keep them around AFTER they’ve reached their goals? What’s going to keep them around the “fire”?

Think of your team, sitting around a bonfire.

What song are you singing? Are you all vibing with the same vision? Or are you simply talking about how to get new customers and new recruits all the time?

Because if that’s what you’re talking about?

You’re BORING your team away. They want to be a part of something bigger.

They want to be a part of something that is going to CHALLENGE them to…





Now, here’s your assignment:

1) Go ask WHY everyone on your team said YES! To network marketing.

2) Then, ask yourself what’s the BIGGER VISION so you can BE MORE GIVE MORE DO MORE

If you can do change these things in your network marketing business, you’re going to have more people STAYING on your network marketing team and forming that emotional bond with who you are, what you’re about and the change you want to make in this world.




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