Why Brand New Network Marketers and Social Sellers Should Avoid the Instagram Reel Trend

Thursday, May 18, 2023

Sip & Slay Marketing/Why Brand New Network Marketers and Social Sellers Should Avoid the Instagram Reel Trend

Why Brand New Network Marketers and Social
Sellers Should Avoid the Instagram Reel Trend


I’m going to bring the smackdown this week, Heeler.

Because there’s a LOT of whining about Reels™ not working.

But it’s not Reels™.
It’s YOU.

And I’m going to tell you why…

The Reels™ Trend That You Have To Stop

“Are you a mom who needs to make an extra $500?”

“I made $7000 by making one post today.”

“I’m looking for people who want to make money from home.”

Did that make you BARF or jump to know more??
Yeah. Me, too. BARF!

That is NOT how you should be using Reels™, not as a network marketer. That is why
you are repelling people, getting low views, and simply NOT seeing the growth that

you have been SOLD that you’d see with Reels™


Reels™ Is Designed to Introduce You To The World

Reels™ is LITERALLY THE BEST WAY TO GROW your social media, Heeler.

THE best way.

It’s specifically designed to show your content to people you are NOT connected with first, so when you’re creating “BUY MY ISH!” content, it’s going straight to people who don’t know you and are likely not interested in what you sell.

You see, most people? They aren’t on social media to “make more money” or “grow their audience”.

Most people are on social media to get away from nonsense, to escape for a few minutes.

So when you jump in their face with, “Want to make more money from home?”
They’re thinking, “Nope, not possible.” Or “It’s a scam.”

You’re WASTING your opportunity to CONNECT with content like that.

A Network Marketer’s Exercise In Trust

I want you to think of someone you trust.
It could be your BFF, your cousin, your mom, I don’t care. Think about your relationship with this person.
Then, I want you to ask yourself this:
Why do you trust them? Did that person EARN your trust?

I have a very good friend named Christina that I’ve been friends with since 2nd grade.
She’s one of those people who, if we stop talking for 2 months, we pick right back up
where we left off.

She’s amazing. I trust her because she and I relate. She’s hilarious. She knows business. She can text me about the dumbest stuff and we’ll just laugh about it like we’re still kids. So…she’s EARNED my trust.

Now, think about YOUR person.
Did they EARN your trust the way Christina has earned mine?

Yes. They likely earned it. You didn’t just decide you’d trust them and they are probably someone you relate to very well.
You understand them and they understand you.
So, say your person comes up to you and says, “I have this new drink, and OMG I LOVE how it keeps me going without the nasty crash effects of regular energy drinks. It’s got all these herbal things in it. It’s amazing!”

You trust her. You know it’s going to be good! So you want to try it, too, because you’re over the energy crashes at 1pm.
What if you saw someone you don’t know saying, “OMG! This MOM JUICE is THE BEST Mom Juice EVER. You need to try it!”
You’re not going to listen to her. In fact, you’re going to keep on doing what you’re doing.

Because she hasn’t EARNED your trust.
That’s what people see when they just see you posting about your products! They see some stranger they don’t know or give a rat’s backside about telling them to try something. NO TRUST. NO REASON to say YES.

Stop Jumping For The Jugular In Your Network Marketing Business

You cannot just jump into SELLING your ISH and people don’t even KNOW you, much less TRUST you.
It’s gross. It’s icky.

It makes people head the other way as soon as they see you.
And I know you’ve seen those Reels™ that DO go viral where the creator is asking for the sale.

They do exist.
But that does NOT mean that the network marketer SOLD anything or recruited anybody from that Reel™.
That means they likely got lucky. That traffic probably didn’t stay beyond that one video and she didn’t get anything except a headache from all the comments and notifications.

Ask me how I know.
So jumping for the jugular is a known repelling tactic and rarely ever gets you a sale so just stop.

What Your Reels Content Should Do…

👉 Your content should drive them to click the LIKE button.
👉 Your content should drive them to laugh, smile, and FEEL.
👉 Your content should drive them to make a comment or share.

Because when you make content that creates CONNECTION because you’re being REAL and RELATABLE, you’re going to get their attention. THAT’S the goal.


Reels™ For Network Marketers

Every Tuesday, I do this podcast, live, on Facebook because I WANT YOUR TRUST.

I’m GIVING you everything I do to create connection (THEN sales).
So I want you to
1) Plan on joining me next Tuesday and
2) Check out the podcast I did with Frazer on the Go Pro Podcast that OUTLINES how to create content FOR YOUR PEOPLE.

And? I want you to VOW that you’re going to actually ACTION those steps because
when you do that…in addition to what I’ve taught you here?
You’re going to see your audience grow with people who are simple to recruit.



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