Eric Worre's Pro Tips: Mastering the Phases of Network Marketing Success

Tuesday, August 29, 2023

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Eric Worre's Pro Tips: Mastering the Phases of Network Marketing Success


Hey Heelers! 🌟

Alright, let's dive deep and sprinkle some truth glitter, shall we? 💁‍♀️ Network marketing isn’t just about stocking up and pulling in your pals.

Uh-uh, sweeties, there’s an art to it. And where do you think I learned these fabulous strokes? None other than the legend, the genius, our network marketing dynamo - Mr. Eric Worre!

A massive hats-off to this guy. When I say he's the crème de la crème, I ain't exaggerating. Best-selling author, top trainer, and the ultimate mentor in the network marketing scene. And guess what? He's played fairy godfather to over 10,000 network marketers, helping them rake in a sweet $100,000 a year in this profession! 🎉

Okay, Heelers, strap in, because I'm about to share the treasure trove of wisdom Eric laid out and spill the beans on building a successful network marketing career.

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The Phases of Network Marketing

#1 Launching Your Career (0 to 10 recruits)

👉 We're not just catching customers here; we’re fishing for those who've got that spark to create something big.
👉 Think of this as your training heels phase. Wobble, learn, strut!

#2 Growth and Expansion (10 recruits to six figures)

👉 Time to pump up those heels and strut your stuff! Master your groove, make sure your squad is mirroring that fab energy, and put in the work.
👉 And if you've been moonlighting with another gig, might be time to step into those boss heels full-time.

#3 Scaling the Business (from six figures to the dazzling sevens and beyond

👉 Hold onto your stilettos, because this is where you take the leap and let those heels click in the stratosphere!

Understanding The Levels

Not everyone's dreaming of the same skyline view. Some are cool with a cozy balcony, others are eyeing that rooftop luxury. So:

✅ First, we help them pick their heels (or, you know, launch).
✅ Then, with a little mentor magic, we get them to strut confidently.
✅ From there, they pick their runway and dazzle accordingly.

The Significance of Helping Others

Heelers, it's a team game. You can't ascend without lending a hand (or heel). Your rise is all about the stories you empower and create.

The Journey is Emotional

This isn't some 9-to-5 where you can duck behind a screen. In this arena, every decision, every falter, it's all on the runway. But, oh, the thrill of it!

The Power of Decision

Targeting that first 10 recruits? More than just wishful thinking, it's about determination, grit, and putting on those power heels.

Wrapping up, my fierce Heelers, network marketing isn't for the timid. But with a sprinkle of spirit, a splash of sass, and mentors like Eric Worre lighting the path, the journey is bound to be an electrifying catwalk. Ready to sashay? 🚀👠

A Quick Note for My Heeler Tribe:

Network marketing is like team sports. It’s about working together, learning from our mistakes, and helping each other. Just like in a sport, if you make a wrong move, you learn and do better next time.

Recruiting - Finding Your Teammates:

Just like picking your team in a game of kickball, you want to find friends who are excited to play. You're not trying to force anyone to join your team; you're looking for people who really want to be there and give their best!

Why Having a Team is Awesome:

Having a team in network marketing is like having the best group of friends:

🎯 Sharing the Work: Everyone can do a bit, and together you can achieve a lot!

🎯 Bonus Points: When your team does well, it’s like getting extra points or rewards.

🎯 Being Your Own Boss: Imagine you could decide when to play and how to play. That's what a good team lets you do!

🎯 Helping Friends: Just like showing a friend how to kick the ball better, in network marketing, you get to help your teammates shine.

Keep playing, keep smiling, Heeler tribe!


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