Have More Conversations Without Relying On Curiosity Posts In Your Network Marketing Business

Tuesday, August 29, 2023

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Have More Conversations Without Relying On Curiosity Posts In Your Network Marketing Business


If you’re like most people, Boo, you spend hours scrolling for inspiring content…

In fact, I bet your thumb has one heck of a muscle behind it by now! (Ask me how I know, mkay??)

Or maybe you rely largely on curiosity posts to get people interested in your network marketing product or business.

And honestly, curiosity posts tend to get old and boring because people really do get tired of seeing them. At that point…are they really curiosity posts??

So, when people are not responding to them, you likely aren’t having conversations.🗣️ 

And my mentor once told me, “Whoever has the most conversations wins,” so…let’s get you having conversations so you can start winning!

Network Marketing Mantra🧘‍♀️

Here’s the deal, though, when you find yourself scrolling, ask yourself, “How many conversations have I had today??”

And use that as a prompt to stop your own scroll and begin creating conversations.

But don’t simply rely on the old standby, curiosity posts about your product, to get the conversations going.

There are other ways that are just as effective.

Press Play to Watch ⤵️

A.R.M. Method In Network Marketing 🙌

The A.R.M. Method is a way of pulling people, deeper and deeper, into your product and your business without being a Spammy Tammy. No more sitting back and waiting for Suzie to come to ask you about your Bye, Bye Belly Fat Brownie Batter!

And no more “Buy my product!” posts!

Note: There will be SOME of the rando person coming to ask to join your business, but the percentage of that chance is so low. You’ll rarely have any conversations if you just sit and wait! So let’s not rely on it in our network marketing business, mkay??


Attract them into your conversation your content…make your content interesting, fun, and educational so they have something that feels warm and human, not cold and distant. Know what I mean, Boo?

What stops YOUR scroll? What do YOU find interesting?? Do that!

React 😲

React means that when someone likes or comments, you’re going to ENGAGE them. Mkay? None of this leaving “likes” hanging around out there with no responses! The more you react to their engagement, the deeper the connection with you goes.

Mentor 👩‍🏫

Let’s talk about mentoring. When you mentor someone (and let’s face it, that’s what you’re doing), you become a part of their story. So when someone asks, focus on mentoring them, not just signing them up.

333 Method🔥

Whenever I want to engage someone, I will 333 them.

When I want to prospect them, I’ll 333 them first.

When I want to reengage someone who has ghosted me, I’ll 333 them.

The 333 Method is my exclusive process of getting into someone’s sphere on social media.

It allows you to be seen in their feed and is a HUGE part of getting engagement going.

You can get the full-blown training here.🤯

Try out the training, it’s helped thousands of network marketers grow their businesses!

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