How To Effectively Follow Up With Prospects In Network Marketing Without Being Annoying

Tuesday, August 01, 2023

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How To Effectively Follow Up With Prospects In Network Marketing Without Being Annoying


Do you have prospects that are sitting on the fence?

Literally, fence sitters that can't make a decision.

I want you to think in your head right now, how many people have you talked to that have said they're interested, or have kind of like played you on a little bit, right?

They're playing the cat and mouse game.🎲

They're leading you on. How many of those prospects do you have right now? Do you have a specific number in your head?

Here's a statistic you might not know.

On social media, especially if you're building your network marketing business, it will take 20 times for your prospect to see your or hear from you or make some kind of contact with you before you they emotionally make a decision to buy.

So what I'm going to teach you in this episode is how to keep control of the conversation, and how you can indirectly get their attention again, even if they've ghosted you.

Let's shorten that decision time and let's increase the conversion rate.

Let's get more yeses and more enrollments and more sales.

First, I want you to say it with me, if you don't have a plan, strategy, script, a process of how you're going to expose and invite, you are not going to stay consistent because the rejection and the nos is going to get you down.

You need to have a process that's going to help you easily rebuttal an objection, or get right to the point, or give that closing script so they say yes.

So let's get right into my three favorite ways to create eye contact right here. Can you see me, right here? Make eye contact with those prospects all over again once they've ghosted you 👀

Press Play to Watch ⤵️

👉 Number One

The famous 3-3-3 method.

Oh wait, I'm the owner of the famous 3-3-3 method.

And if you haven't seen the 3-3-3 method, please just go to, and you can get a full, free webinar training on it.

But quickly, just to give you a little bit of an example of what the 3-3-3 is, you're going to go to that prospect's page, social media, whether it's Instagram or Facebook, and you're going to heart three of their posts.

You're going to comment on three of their posts. ✍️

And then you're going to reply to three of their Facebook or Instagram stories. ❤️

What are we doing here?

We're creating the stalker eye contact. Yup. You are now a stalker.

That's okay, because then after you've done that for 48 hours, or three days, 72 hours, now you're going to go into their messenger and you're going to say, "Hey Jane, at one point in time you told me you were interested in X.

Are you still interested?

If not, no worries." And then keep it moving.

Now, I want you to know that these prospects are not waiting in their messenger for you to pop up and say hello just so they can ignore you.

They have life going on, just like I do, because my toddler literally today decided to take a pen, just like this one, it probably was this one because I wasn't paying attention, and she colored all over my beautiful, brand new couch.

And so, I had to put my phone down and completely forgot about the conversation that I was having.

So that's probably happening to your prospects too.

So stop freaking out. 🛑

Stop thinking they're like in their messenger, trying to ignore you, because they're not.

👉 Number Two

One of my favorite, favorite ways to get them back is eye contact with me, is tagging them on an inspirational quote I see.

See, I want them to know I'm thinking about them. I want them to know they're in my head. 😃

Most of the time, people are looking for attention, so let's give it to them, yeah?

And then, you're going to 3-3-3 them again and you're going to hit them up with the same message again.

👉 Number Three

You've got to stick to the point.

I know sometimes it can be like "I don't know if I'm saying the right thing," and "Is it the right time," and "I'm stressing out."

Stop it.

Every single prospect that you have, you should treat the same.

If they give you a money objection, what's the response that you have?

If they're excited about learning more, what's that response?

Where are you going to take them?

What do you say? When do you ask for the close?

If you don't have that consistent formula that you're going to go to every single time, you're going to get frustrated, and you're going to probably end up quitting.

How do I know?

Because, that was me.

Remember, I said without a plan, without being focused, without having a consistent strategy, without knowing exactly how you're going to show up on social media, you are going to feel like a fish out of water.

If you want to start learning how to post for profits, you can go check out my workshop that was pre-recorded, and we have it on special for you.

You can go to to check it out.

I want to hear from you.

When you get ghosted, where do you feel like you get stuck the most?

Drop in the comments.

I would love to come back and help you out. 😉

Don't forget to like, comment and hit that notification bell and subscribe to my channel so I can give you more free scripts and more free things.
All right heeler, thanks for joining.

I will see you next time.


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