How to Get More Leads & Sales with Instagram & Facebook Stories

Tuesday, April 09, 2024

Sip & Slay Marketing/How to Get More Leads & Sales with Instagram & Facebook Stories

How to Get More Leads & Sales with Instagram & Facebook Stories


Heelers, if you're ready to take yourΒ  business to the next level, I'm gonna spill all my best tips on how to use those Instagram and Facebook stories to your advantage!

And trust me, it's not about having that picture-perfect look or feed! It's about using your personality and authenticity to connect with people on a whole new level. So grab a cuppa, get comfy, and let's dive in!Β 

The Power of Stories: Why They're Your New Best Friend

Okay, have you ever used something so amazing that you just had to tell all your friends about it? That's the power of the story feature! πŸ˜‰ Remember, people connect with realness, and some of you are totally overcomplicating this!

Here's why stories are a must-have in your social media strategy:

βœ…Β Authenticity is Queen:Β Stories let you show your true self, which builds trust (and sales!).
β€‹βœ…Β It's Full-Screen Baby:Β Stories grab attention and keep those eyeballs glued to your content!
β€‹βœ… Engagement Central:Β Stickers, polls, questions – oh my! Stories are made to get those conversations flowing!
βœ… Reach Ya Bestie: You have a way better chance of reaching your existing followers with stories as opposed to your regular posts.

Press Play to Watch ⬇️

The 5-A-Day Story Challenge

Remember that consistency is key! Aim for 5 stories every single day, and watch how it boosts your audience retention. Don't worry, here's what those stories should be about:

1.Β Face to Camera Magic: πŸ“· Get chatty! Don't forget those captions for our peeps watching with the sound off! I get it – showing up on camera when you haven't gotten all dolled up can feel weird, but who cares? They want value, not perfection!

​2.Β Tag It To Win It:Β σ €ͺ Tag where you are, who you're with, and what products you're using! It brings your everyday life into those stories, and people want to feel connected to you!

3. B-Roll Like a Boss: Think of it as your own little blooper reel! Share snippets of you working, doing chores, or getting ready! You can even add some fun music and text!

4. Behind the Scenes Sneak Peek: Show what life's really like! It doesn't have to be glam, it just has to be genuine!

5. Testimonials for the Win: Got some amazing customer results? Share them as screenshots in your stories, and let people see what your products and opportunity can do!

The All-Important "Call to Action"

Don't leave your viewers hanging! Every day, have at least one slide with a call to action that encourages engagement. Here's the trick – instead of the salesy stuff, frame it as an invitation to connect!


✨ "Mompreneurs out there, need a virtual hug today? Comment 'yes' below!"
✨ "Which outfit should I wear today? Slide that bar and let me know!"
✨ "Got a burning question about my business? Hit me up in the DMs!"

Ready, Set, Story!

Remember, the best stories come from just being you – flaws and all! So, get out there, share your journey, and watch those connections and sales roll in!

And one last thing...

"I don't want you sharing a bunch of stuff in your stories that doesn't match what would make you laugh, love, learn, or lead." – Marina Simone

Let this be your mantra, Heeler! Only share content that feels true to you and your business! πŸ’–
I hope this helps!

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