How to Introduce Yourself Inside Facebook™ Groups to Get More Leads

Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Sip & Slay Marketing/How to Introduce Yourself Inside Facebook™ Groups to Get More Leads

How to Introduce Yourself Inside Facebook™ Groups to Get More Leads


As a new member inside Facebook groups, do you sometimes find yourself feeling intimidated?
Maybe not knowing where to start, or how to break the ice with other members?

And to make matters worse,
some groups have thousands of members and have been around for years! 😨

One major complaint I often hear from my clients typically goes something like this: ““Marina, what’s the point of writing an intro post on myself when there are SO many people in there? No one will notice me!”

Negative thoughts like these are costing you leads and clicks to your Facebook business page!

In order to take advantage of all that Facebook group pages have to offer for you AND your business, we need to SHIFT that way of thinking right now!

In this episode of The Slay Online Sales series, I’ll be sharing a simple 7-step formula for you to follow so you too can successfully make a name for yourself inside Facebook groups for business.

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These easy-to-follow steps will help take away that anxiety of what to say and how to structure your welcome post inside new Facebook group pages to make your mark and STAND OUT. 👑

By the end of this blog, you’re going to have everything you need to take that leap and confidently create an intro post inside your Facebook groups.

I am so happy to be sharing MY simple formula with you and can promise that if you follow me on this, you’re bound to get you noticed and spark engagement within these groups.

If you begin to introduce yourself in a way that is fun, energetic, and really learn how to master telling (or in this case summarizing) YOUR story, including what YOU do best, you will…

Before we get to the bulk of it, let’s talk about the ENERGY and VERBIAGE to use when writing introductions inside of Facebook group pages.

What’s one of the first things you notice about someone when you meet them aside from their appearance? 💭 It’s usually their energy right?? Right off the bat, you can tell if its positive or negative. That energy normally dictates how you will interact with the person in the future.

Because introduction posts inside Facebook groups aren’t in person, we have to try even harder to really let that energy SHINE through. You want to come off approachable, confident yet humble, AND knowledgeable.

You’re ultimate goal is to get members inside the group to see that you’re an influential figure within your industry or are well-versed on all the products you sell (without mentioning the product name, of course).

On top of that, you have to make sure the verbiage you use aligns with WHO YOU ARE or what your brand is.

For example, I always use the word LEGIT when speaking. It may seem a little different to some when using that in business conversations, but it’s who I AM. When introducing myself into any Facebook group, I love using “Helllerrrrrrr Peeps, Marina Simone is in the house!”.

I’ve found that just being myself stands out while also making me approachable to members; Not stiff like some professionals. 😂

Ok. So, let’s check back in – If you’re reading this and freaking out right now thinking: “this won’t work for me” or wondering, “I am going to look stupid?”

I hear you, babe! I want you to know I still get butterflies when posting an intro inside of new groups every week. That FEAR of what “haters” will say or think doesn’t just go away.

But I have learned to push it to the side and go for it anyway because I know being afraid won’t help me grow my business. #GoDoMore

Remember, if you only sit back inside a Facebook group and do absolutely NOTHING to stand out, you have now become a creeper inside the group, just hoping and praying that SOMEONE will notice you…

In business, you can’t be that girl that sits in the corner of the room at a party wishing someone would come talk to her. Be the girl that makes it happen. Rip off the band-aid and take the action needed to stand out in these Facebook groups!

(I want you to know if you follow this introduction it doesn’t mean the first group you post in will blow up immediately. I suggest joining anywhere from 5-10 new groups a week and then try posting this introduction. It may take time, but I know once you find those great groups that are within your niche, the leads will start pouring in.)

Now, let’s get into that simple formula on how to use an introduction to make a name for yourself inside Facebook groups for business.

1. What’s your first sentence?

EVERYTHING we say and do is a part of your branding. It shows who you are and what your mission is! If someone were to work with you, they’d want to know that the same person who was introduced in the group is the same person they’ll be interacting with.

Make sense?

What’s your signature HELLLERRRRRRRRRRRRRR?

I personally start every video and almost every post with “HELLLERRRRR, Marina Simone is in the house!”

Find one you love or it may be a bit more trial and error – find what feels most “true” to YOU. Whatever that may be, make sure it’s creative and unique! 💥

2. WHO are you and WHAT do you do?

Before completing this step, ask yourself: what makes you different? What can you say to get someone EXCITED or WANT TO KNOW MORE about your product/service(s) and click get them on your name?


Welcome Statement –

“Heeelllerrrrrrrrrrr** (Name of Group Tribe), Marina Simone is in the house! I am so PUMPED to be a part of this amazing community! I look forward to connecting with some amazing humans just like you!

I am a mom of 2 that LEGIT** just wanted to live her best life and not get stuck working overtime just to keep the lights on. I wanted time freedom and not be cuffed to someone else’s dream my whole life.” Sound familiar?

What do I do or offer:

I am CEO of my own online brand Moms & Heels where I teach busy moms how to slay online sales by leveraging social media to create a personal brand that will help build a network marketing empire where #pantsareoptional!

Fun Fact about me: (this always catches attention)

Fun fact, I was actually told at my last boring cubicle job back in 2013 that I would NEVER make it in the online space and that I was a joke! Well….look who’s laughing now! #Cubicle2Throne. I am having a blast since firing my boss back in 2014.

Make them think like you and ask a BOLD question

Let me ask you peeps a question:

Are you allergic to bosses like me? LOL 😜

3. Where can they connect with you?

This is where it can get a little tricky…

You want to make sure you are allowed to share where people can find you.

Always read the policies and rules inside a group before posting. I would hate for you to get kicked out from an intro post. If you get confused, it doesn’t hurt to reach out to admin or moderators to clarify. (Plus this is a great way to create a relationship with the humans that runs the group).

If allowed, this is where you add:

A Facebook Group you run, (name) DO NOT LINK IT, OR the name of your IG handle or somewhere they can find you.

NO WEBSITE LINKS – This can easily cause people to FEEL like you’re only there to sell them.


“I run a group on Facebook called Moms Who Slay Online Sales where we have a community of Heelers that share their experiences, what they’ve learned, and access to tons of trainings on how to leverage your brand on social media for Network marketing. 10,000 members strong!”

4. How can you serve this community and what can
you offer by joining the group?

It’s time to SHOW👩🏻‍🏫 you are credible, you are of influence, you are educated on the subject, and you have something to offer.


“Feel free to ask me anything about online marketing, especially personal branding, social media, or network marketing.

I get PUMPED when sharing my hacks of what drove me to a multiple 6-figure income in BOTH my personal brand and the Network Marketing industry.

The reason I am so passionate about Moms & Heels is because I’ve realized that as moms we can lose who we are and miss so much in our kids lives.

It is easy to get stuck to someone else’s desk chained with fear of never having more. I found a way to break out of that hamster wheel of being broke and miserable. So it’s now my mission to help other women do the same.”

5. Why did you join the group? What do you expect to get out of it?

It’s important that you recognize the admin (simply tag them), and use any name of the TRIBE or Group name again.

This will once again catch attention of the admin, which is a BIG plus for your future posts.

6. End with a question that engages people to introduce themselves to you!

This is a great way to start conversation and learn about the types of people inside the group.

Using something like: What’s an obstacle you’ve recently overcome within your business? How did you get through it? Leave your answer below 👇👇

By the way, if you’re looking to make some amazing graphics… Check out my FAV website where I create all my content, CANVA!

Canva lets me create all the branded images for my business and is SO simple and easy to use, even for beginners. I mean, HELLLERR it’s a no brainer.

Click here to get started!

7. Lastly, your image.


If you do, you’re losing the opportunity to Slow Someone’s Scroll…

Selfies Sell: If you haven’t seen how to sell online with a selfie here is that episode

Take a selfie you love and that also allows your personality to shine through.🤩 Make sure it’s good quality. I would say avoid any of those silly filters from Instagram or Snap Chat. Also, be sure to not OVER filter it. People love authenticity so make sure in this image you have that.

I have 10 different variations of HOW I Introduce myself inside a Facebook group.

I suggest you practice, practice, practice, and get more than 1 down.

For example:

For my brand I have 3-5 introductions based on the type of groups I join.

For my network marketing company, weight loss products, anti aging, and clean living, I have 3-5 introductions as well.

Try your BEST to not give up after just a couple groups. Be persistent. You’ll find your mojo!

I believe in you, Heeler!

Marina Simone

Please keep in mind that this blog post contains affiliate links. Please note that I only recommend tools that I personally use + love and I always have my Heelers best interest at 💗.

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