How to Sell More On Black Friday and Cyber Monday In Your Online Business

Tuesday, August 29, 2023

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How to Sell More On Black Friday and Cyber Monday In Your Online Business


Today I’m going to share with you some of the strategies I use to SLAY sales.
These will be super handy 👏especially with Black Friday and Cyber Monday around the corner.

It’s important to 10x our activity 🙌 if we want to 10x our sales.

💭I want you to ask yourself:

What do I have going on for Black Friday?
For those of you who do not have any sales going on in your company, it should not stop you from doing your own Black Friday or Cyber Monday giveaway.

These are the biggest shopping days 🛍️ of the year and should be leveraged boo boo!

Press Play to Watch ⬇️

What can you give away or raffle off that has VALUE? Think about running some kind of special to your customers. It doesn’t have to stop at your customers. You could also do a giveaway or raffle for your team🎉.

Whatever you do, it doesn’t 🙅have to break your bank. If you’re a coach, you could raffle off a free coaching session.

For instance, I’m announcing a giveaway for my team tonight. If they get 3️⃣ new customers, they will be entered into the raffle to win something (I’m not saying 🙊 what until tonight because I want it to be a surprise).

This shows that it’s not just about personal sales, but it’s also about
saying thank you 💕to them for working so hard.

Once you create some kind of a special, make sure you go public with it to spread the word. Let your audience know what’s going on.

Get the message out there and let them know you’re doing something special.

When I do a special giveaway, I like to share it with my email 📧 list, preorder list, and my secret Facebook group. I let people know by saying:

“Hey I’m running a special 🌟 and I want you to be the first to know about it. I’m not going to tell you what it is. Only those who are on my VIP pre-order list get to hear about it first.”

You want your audience to know that something special is coming. The goal is to create a sense of FOMO.

Don’t assume that people already know about your sales. Making this assumption will just create roadblocks 🚧for you. So drop the assumptions and jump right into the action. At the end of the day, if you want to 10x your sales you have to 10x your activity.

You need to personally invite 📲all of your existing customers and distributors and let them know what’s going on. Let your past and existing customers know about your Black Friday special.

Let your distributors know what the strategy is for Black Friday.

Did you know…

Americans spent $7.4 billion online on Black Friday and $4.2 billion on Thanksgiving Day last year?

According to “we anticipate that most stores will be pushing their online Black Friday sales more than ever — and since Black Friday creep is real, expect to see “Cyber Monday” sales kicking off long before the Monday after Thanksgiving” With MOST stores closed this Holiday season to avoid big crowds there are MORE EYES on social media more than ever!

Invite ALL of your customers AND distributors to get on the preorder list. I also want to challenge you to invite people who have said no to you in the past. This includes people who have shown interest at one point and then gone away.

What are you going to say to these people? It’s simple. You’re going to use my 3-3-3 method TODAY.

Compliment them, connect with them, and just show them some love on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, all of it). You will get a faster response with this method than you will with cold calling 🥶 them I promise you that.

Then, four or five days before Black Friday/ Cyber Monday, you’re going to send those people a message or inform them in some way about your sale.

Go back to those humans who expressed interest in your products at some point and they ghosted you. Say something like, “Hey, at one point, you showed interest in x. We’re having a big sale coming up. Do you want to be on my preorder list? You will be the first to know about these sales.”

Heller? It’s a no brainer!

Why 2022 will be BIGGER!

About 58 million people shopped online only last year,
while 51 million shopped exclusively in stores.

The remaining 65 million consumers
shopped both online and in-store.

Meaning, 116 million Americans left home to spend time
and money in brick-and-mortar retailers. – via Forbes.

What does this mean?

All those numbers will now shift online and social media! Are you ready for that plan now?

✅​When you have a solid plan to launch you feel ready, confident, and excited to sell!

✅​When you double your sales the extra money can mean a bigger holiday for you and your team!

Can you see your team flooding your inboxes with thank you’s for helping them double their sales with this launch plan?

Now, let’s do a quick recap.

1.) Reach out to those you know would like to see what you have. Ask anyone who has ever expressed interest in being on your preorder list 📝.

2.) Email, message, text 📱, call all your existing customers and distributors, and let them know a SALE is coming!

3.) Make sure your team knows about the specials going on. Avoid assuming that they’ve seen 👀 all the info you’ve put out there. Reach out to their teams as well. Don’t assume that everyone in their organization or downline knows about the deals either.

4.) Join my 14 Day Workshop where I will give you the exact launch plan I use with my team that created 200 rank advancements in one week and doubled our Black Friday Sales + Volume. Click Here to join the Double Down Launch Plan For Black Friday Today!

You can be lazy and assume, or you can take action and 10x your activity.
Doing this will 10x your results.👊

Holy guacamole 🥑 it’s that simple!

I hope you guys got a lot of value from this week’s episode.😘

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