How to Structure a Story that Sells as a Network Marketer

Wednesday, May 31, 2023

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The Secret to Crafting Engaging Stories That Convert As A Network Marketer


Let's talk about your story as a network marketer and why it may not be as engaging as you'd like it to be when telling it to a lead or prospect. 👭🏽

Don't worry it's completely normal to feel like you don’t know your story because even I struggled with telling a compelling story for almost three years in network marketing. 📖

If you're someone who struggles with getting people to engage with your story, whether it's on social media or in person, this episode is definitely for you. 😊

And if you have someone in mind who needs to learn how to craft a story that sells, have them listen to this too.

First off, boring facts just won't cut it.
Think about how many facts about the product or business opportunity are actually in your story.

Most of the time
we just regurgitate what we've learned from our company's video or what other people are saying.

While facts can be used in a story, if that's all you lead with, people are going to tune out.

Instead, think about how you can create a story that builds connection and relatability.
The goal is to make yourself memorable, even when you're not around.

Here is a memorable example
I used to share pictures of the high heels 👠👠 I was wearing every day on my Instagram and Facebook.

But I didn't stop there.
I told stories about how wearing heels made me feel more confident and how it improved my posture.

After telling this story so many times, I started receiving messages from people saying they thought of me when buying high heels.

The point is, I created a memorable story that wasn't necessarily related to my product,
but people remembered it and, by extension, remembered me.

So, how can you create a story that's so memorable, people will think of you long after they've met you?

There are three things you need to include in your story: emotion, a specific moment, and transformation.

✔️Emotion is what connects people to your story. 🔗

✔️Specific moments help your audience visualize the story and bring it to life.

✔️Transformation is what makes people want to take action.

Inside the video I share exactly what my story is that uses those three things.

Press Play to Watch ⬇️

Don't worry if you aren't a perfect storyteller yet. It takes practice to find your memorable story.
Start by telling your story every day, ten times a day, to ten different people.

This exercise will help you find your memorable story that connects emotionally, talks about a specific moment, and describes transformation.

You should also master three specific stories:

the brand story, the product story, and the business story.

The brand story could be your niche, like moms missing moments in their kids' lives.
You should be able to tell these stories in 60 seconds, two minutes, and on stage.

So, the next time someone asks you to share your story, you'll be prepared to knock their socks off.

By telling your story 10 times a day to 10 different people, you'll find your memorable story that builds connection, relatability, and emotion. 🩷

Remember, becoming a memorable storyteller won't happen overnight, so keep practicing imperfectly until you get it right.

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